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Bash Argsparse 1.7 released, has entered fedora package repositories

icon 2015-03-19

Two weeks, I've released the Bash Argsparse 1.7, which brings a few bugfixes, some documentation updates, a function to help describe positional parameters and full nounset compliance.

Along with these changes, I'm happy to announce that the bash argsparse library package has been reviewed and has been accepted for inclusion in the fedora project package repositories. After something like 8 years of inactivity in the fedora project, I'm now a packager anew, and I'm very happy about that. :)

The bash-argsparse package is now available for Fedora 20, Fedora 21, Fedora 22 (alpha) and rawhide. Availability for CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 through the EPEL repositories is just a matter of time. So you may now install bash-argsparse by just using yum or dnf.

Many many thanks to Haïkel Guémar, who reviewed the package and sponsored me as a packager.

The usual links:
* The bash-argsparse-1.7.tar.gz tarball
* The bash-argsparse-1.7-1.fc21.src.rpm Source RPM
* And of course the online documentation.

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